Health Food Symmetry is the only manufacturer of freshly harvested, cell wall intact vegetable fibre from “Virgin Sugarcane”. The market is currently embracing ultra-processed soluble fibres, however if you focus is on the short- & long-term gut health of your consumers and genuine health claims to support your marketing then Kfibre is the only insoluble yet fermentable vegetable fibre that maintains the whole plant phytonutrients. We have a collection of specialty brands that demonstrate the health value of a product that genuinely support the human microbiome for an outcome consumers will feel.


A broad spectrum fermentable mega grass prebiotic is a natural, whole of plant functional & prebiotic dietary fibre for gut health management and microbiome support.

HFS’ world first natural gut health retail products, delivering power of PhytoBiome, launched as Kfibre & Kfibre Pro in May 2022. PhytoBiome ingredient & Kfibre retail are Monash University Low FODMAP certified.

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The Kfibre Gut Health Range are made from a chemical free, low heat processing of freshly harvested sugarcane. Preserving and delivers prebiotic as well as phytonutrient benefits while reducing 92% of the sugar. Our gut health range help manage the microbiome, digestive normalisation & bloat, dietary regularity, dietary indigestion, weight maintenance, & are Low FODMAP friendly accredited.


Fertile Gut

Our key gut diversity promoting ingredient is 100% natural cane fibre. The plant cell structure is the
same as that found in other fruits and vegetables, but without the accompanying carbohydrate sugars. The cane fibre demonstrates Low FODPMAP fermentability and proven prebiotic effect while also providing active phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Greater diversity in your microbiome is fuelled by complex prebiotics and promotion of good bacteria that will synthesise short chain fatty acids. With a crystallinity index higher than banana starch, cane fibre is stronger and more resistant to breakdown when transiting through the intestinal tract so it can be used as fuel in the lower gut promoting a diverse microbiota for fertility.

GF Oats Australia

Explore our range of delicious oat-based muesli blends to spice up your breakfast or add even more flavour to your baking and snack recipes. Muesli is another versatile cereal that uses our signature GF Oats steamed rolled oats using our signature quality ingredients for a great muesli mix that’s nil gluten tested, vegan, wheat free and more.