Health Food Symmetry LTD is a provider of high-level science supported nutraceuticals with its world first sugar reduced, whole plant “Virgin Sugarcane Fibre”.

Kfibre is a University researched and proven dietary health aid selling into the fastest growing global Health & Wellness markets of gut health & Microbiome support.


Australian Story


Health Food Symmetry™ began its journey in March 2020, with a goal to manufacture a new option of dietary fibre for the food industry from sugarcane. Why sugarcane ? It could be because sugarcane actually has a strong history of health benefits when the whole plant is considered and not just the sugar.

HFS’s manufacturing process produced functional prebiotic fibre that maintains the integrity of the phytonutrients in the source plant. The process is chemical-free and produced a product that was high in bio-actives as well as fibre.

Kfibre™ was tested in the market with several pharmacies in North Qld to prove Kfibre™ as a fibre supplement for general gut health management.

Consumer response returned such strong positive anecdotal health stories from customers that HFS realised the value and progressed to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Kfibre™ and now has long term University research partners (University of Tasmania & University of QLD) and there have been human clinical trials and scientific publications using HFS sugarcane fibre with more currently underway.

These studies document the ability of Kfibre™ to normalise digestive health via changes in the microbiome, resulting in beneficial relief from digestive issues, constipation, as well as weight management.

Kfibre™ is now in over 400 stores across the country, and with several major Australian, US, Canada and Europe distributors. With interest now in China.


Health Food Symmetry take prides in the development of sustainable approaches from our raw materials supply, and resource use. Sugarcane itself is a rapid growing and carbon capturing mega-grass, it has been a staple of Australian sugar industry and Health Food Symmetry is furthering the sustainable mindset in all manufacturing efforts.

The sugarcane we source is from the Burdekin region and involves no burning of the fields before harvest minimising carbon release and the water that’s used in our processing is clean and returned to agricultural lands.

Finally, all of the energy used in our manufacturing facility is carbon offset bringing Health Food Symmetry to a very positive standing and support of agricultural endeavours locally and globally.


The core of Health Food Symmetry is manufacturing of nutraceutical food ingredients and its commitment to published research and health claims. The factory is state of the
art automation control for many processes with quality control management and tracking audited to the highest of food processing standards.

HFS Sugarcane prebiotic has been the focus of 10 + scientific and human clinical trials to understand the base mechanisms and demonstrate efficacy of the products with new product formulations and secondary actives that amplify the core benefits. HFS collaborates with the University of Tasmania for its gut health clinical trials and has endorsement by qualified health care professionals such as Joanna Baker (registered dietician and FODMAP diet specialist)