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Marisa Peer endorses natural prebiotic Kfibre & Kfibre Pro Synbiotics

As a pioneering therapist, speaker, best-selling author, and the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), Marisa's guiding ethos is centred on simple steps that produce dramatic and life-saving results. One of those steps, she recently revealed, is Kfibre Original and Kfibre Pro – advanced synbiotics for gut health management.

February 27th, 2023|Categories: Press Release|

Health and Wellness Market Disruption – New Collaboration

All companies have major turning points in their forward progress, Health Food Symmetry “HFS” has reached one such point with its supply and collaboration agreement with Tismor Health and Wellness one of the largest contract manufacturers in the Australasian and global health and wellness sectors. To have a major player realise the benefits of HFS product kfibre and its supporting research and patents is a major boon to our company and product, the Media Release was issued Thursday the 28th of July and goes global on the 29th of July.

July 29th, 2022|Categories: Press Release|

Health Food Symmetry Sign New Australian Distributors of Kfibre®

Health Food Symmetry in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media confirmed that they had signed two new Australian distributors of Kfibre® in October 2020. Mr Gordon Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of Health Food Symmetry said this when interviewed Eleven Media, “We are delighted to confirm Oborne Health and Ariya Health have commenced in October as a distributor of Kfibre®, a prebiotic and functional fibre for gut

September 27th, 2021|Categories: Press Release|

Blog Chicks Help Awareness OF Kfibre Gather Momentum

In an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, leading lifestyle blogging site Blog Chicks confirmed their recent assistance with lifting the awareness and benefits of Kfibre.Blog Chicks is an online magazine website on lifestyle matters, travel and fashion for the discerning blog reader on the web. The site also features all things from health, diet, fitness, home & garden matters right through to tips for selecting a

September 27th, 2021|Categories: Press Release|

Some Photos Inside HFS

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