Kfibre research has a 10-year history of development to refine the processing technologies that maintains the integrity of the while plant cell and generates a versatile product that seamlessly formulates into a wide variety of health & wellness product for manufacturers and distributors.

To date HFS Virigin Sugarcane Fibre has been the successful subject of:

  • 4x independent human clinical trials

  • 3x in-vitro scientific trials

  • 4x animals trials

  • 2x new human trials have begun 2021


Prebiotic Virgin Sugarcane is suitable for/contributes to

  • Digestive / Dietic Health & Wellness review and direct Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotic research

  • Healthy Bowel Function

  • Maintenance of Intestinal Health

  • Nourishment of Good Bacteria

  • Microbiome / microbiota modulation

  • Normal Stool Frequency / Regular Laxation

  • Promotes Non-Inflmmatory Fibre Digesting Bacteria & Synthesis of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs)

  • Natural Gut Cleansing Process

  • Low FODMAP diets

  • Maintenance of Bood Glucose Levels

  • Enhanced Satiety / Reduced hunger

  • Normalisation of Dietary Cause Bloating & Indigestion


  • 14x FSANZ notified food health relationships for the exclusive use of Health Food Symmetry – Prebiotic Virgin Sugarcane based upon hundred of pages of systematic review and direct Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotic research

  • 2x Prebiotic Virgin Sugarcane Intellectual property patents relatedto dietary indigestion / acid reflux, and synbiotics for the prophylactic management of inflammatory Bowel Disease.

  • The 2021 clinical trials are the basis for next generation “Synbiotic products” (Prebiotic Virgin Sugarcane + specific probiotic strains.)


Kfibre has undergone over 10 years of scientific development and several food-health links in Food Standards Australia New Zealand for the maintenance of intestinal & digestive health. Kfibre has long term University research partners, The University of Tasmania & The University of QLD, and there have been human clinical trials and scientific publications directly using Kfibre to modulate the microbiome with additional trials currently underway.